The initiative “Mapping with Loios Residents” was a ground level and ethnographic activity held in Rui Lino Square in Lisbon, Loios Neighborhood, to know more about the relations between Marvila and Alvalade residents in the fields of intangible cultural heritage, internal migrations, metropolization and urban transformation in Lisbon.

The activity consisted in an informal gathering which lasted 3 hours. The residents were invited to indicate in the map where they live, where they work, daily commuting routes. At the same time, it was determinant for the team to develop a major understanding about the existing neighborhoods in Marvila (particularly the ones in the fields of Social or Cooperative) Housing, as well as a general knowledge about these populations. The activity was developed with 20 residents who accepted to participate.

This first mapping activity was promoted by “Traça – Mostra de Filmes de Arquivos Familiares”, a program of events around familiar videos which in 2020 will have its third edition. Is developed by the Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa, integrated in the Cultural Heritage Department of the Lisbon Municipality, funded by ROCK project. Our role as ICS researchers was to help with the mapping process, around our consolidated knowledge around the nature of the different neighborhoods, as well as to propose questions to participants, integrated on our research agenda in Marvila’s Cultural Heritage.