Leia aqui o artigo de Roberto Falanga e Chiara Pussetti publicada no volume “THE CITY AGENCIES WORKING PAPERS. Methodologies, approaches, potentialities and perspectives”, editores Corrado Topi e Chiara Lucchini.


The article discusses a new model of participatory governan- ce in Lisbon by providing theoretical reflection and empirical knowledge fromthe action of two urban agencies: the “Cen- tre of Urban Information of Lisbon” (CIUL) and the “Munici- pal Offices in Support of Neighbourhoods in Need of Priority Intervention” (Gabips). While the CIUL has provided civil so- ciety with information about and space for debate on urban policies, the Gabips have supported urban regeneration in priority areas with the participation of local agents.

The CIUL and the Gabips are framed within the political agenda of the Municipality of Lisbon to foster a new relation- ship between the local government and civil society, which has resulted in new channels and opportunities for citizen participation. Both agencies, however, also point to different stances on citizen participation that are worth analysing. While the CIUL can be understood in light of the literature on the constitution and global spreading of the Urban Centers, the Gabips represent genuine evidence of locally based par- ticipatory governance.

Insights from the text allow for reflection on the design of a new model of participatory governancebased on the creation of political and administrative conditions to allow the CIUL and the Gabips to connect and maximise their functions. [Read more]