Encontra-se aqui disponível o artigo “Practices of Citizenship and Real Estate Dynamics” publicado no European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscape.

If you had to briefly describe the main transformations of the urban centers observed in your research sites, what would you highlight?

If 1998, with the inauguration of the Expo, was possibly a unique opportunity for an international promotion of the city of Lisbon, with the 2007 economic crisis we have witnessed the most intense and rapid transformation of the Portuguese Capital. The austerity policies implemented by the center-right government as a response to the Troika between 2011 and 2014 had promoted a vertical growth of the real estate market and, at the same time, strong tax cuts for tourism, restaurants and hotel oper- ators. In these years Easyjet and Ryanair started operating in the Lisbon airport (2009), transforming a city so far peripheral and expensive to reach in a low-cost tourist destination. In the same period, policies to attract for- eign capitals were implemented through a series of agreements with third countries. [Read more]